Beginning My Children’s Book


Hi everyone!
I sat down today to begin the process of writing my children’s book, featuring Rally as the main character! It’s my goal to educate the public about the day to day life of a service dog, starting with waking up, going to class and accompanying me throughout my work. I would also like a professional photographer to document each step so the book will contain, not only hand drawn illustrations, but also photographs of Rally performing various tasks! Image

Hopefully it will be a great success!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Beginning My Children’s Book

  1. This is so cool! I really hope you are continuing to pursue it!

    I am training a service dog for my daughter, who has autism. I get pretty severe migraines, and she has complained occasionally of headaches as well. She has high pain tolerance, and is pretty stoic, usually, so often by the time I think to ask if she has a headache, she’s in meltdown mode. I really hope Teddy can help alert to this so we can help her before things get to that point!

    But a book would be so great for her to help her realize she’s not alone in this. She LOVES to read! It could also help her realize what a special thing it can be to have such a great friend in a canine. Let me know when it comes out!

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