Super Dog!


While at Costco today, I happened to pass by a woman and a child. The little girl tugged on her guardian’s hand, whispered something in her ear and stared in obvious awe at Rally. The woman smiled in return and, turning after me, said,

“Excuse me, Miss, I just wanted to let you know something.”

“Yes?” I asked, pausing in the isle. “What is it?”

“My granddaughter says your dog is a very special dog.” She said. “She says he’s a superhero.”

I’ll admit, I had to try several times before I could speak. “Thank you.” I said. “Does your granddaughter want Rally’s autograph?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up and she rummaged around in her bag for a pen and paper. I signed Rally’s name. “Rally, the super-dog.”

She grinned and left with her grandmother, leaving Rally and me feeling both uplifted and humbled. In today’s busy, hectic world where people spare you a curious look and then move on, it is heart-warming to have someone recognize Rally for his hard work and dedication. It made my steps lighter as I continued on my path towards the frozen food isle. 

Thank you Amy.


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