78 treatments for migraine


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migraine treatments Often it feels like we have tried everything for our migraines. This list may offer some ideas about other treatments available 1,2 .

The list is split into 2 groups: medicinal treatments and non-medicinal (or complementary) treatments. The lists are ranked alphabetically, not by evidence or effectiveness.

Caution: Tread Carefully

This list is by no means an endorsement of all of these treatments. The scientific evidence, medical support and efficacy of these treatments varies widely.

What may work for one person, may not work for another. Some of the treatments listed under non-medicinal may not even qualify as official ‘treatments’ – they might just be actions people do to help a migraine (eg. sleep).

Some of these treatments may even be dangerous for some people which is why you should speak to your doctor. They have a much better ability to take into account your personal medical history, type of…

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2 thoughts on “78 treatments for migraine

  1. One that’s helped me prevent migraines – using a corset. If you think about it, it’s along the lines of Alexander Technique (which I’ve used) and chiropractics. It isn’t good when you’re having a migraine, because it can elevate your blood pressure, but it can help prevent them by improving your posture, and relaxing you with a “bear hug” vest effect.

    • That sounds like it would feel good! I have my boyfriend hug me tightly when I’ve got a migraine, or Watson is now trained to press his weight across my lap, and it certainly seems to help!

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