Watson Learning!


Watson has learned to do many things over the past month, including fetching my medication bottle, opening drawers and cabinates, and picking items up from the floor and handing them to me. So proud of him!



Today, we did even better, working on leash control, heeling and picking up objects with distractions! I’ll upload the vid later! (:

-Kendall and Watson


4 thoughts on “Watson Learning!

  1. Thank you so much for your blog. It’s really helped me understand how a service dog can help. I’ve had migraines for almost 30 years now (I started young), and many different varieties of them, though not a hemiplegic one, thankfully. But they have been getting worse, and most medications don’t really help me, just give me horrible side effects. But…if I can catch it early, sometimes something as simple as a cup of coffee, chugging water, and some OTC meds can head it off, or at least keep it at headache level. Otherwise, I have at least one day out of commission. At worst, I’ve had it bad for up to 2 months, alternating stabbing pain with just general yukiness akin to having a bad hangover. So the idea of a migraine alert dog is very appealing to me!

    I have been researching migraine alert dogs recently, and came across this site: http://servicedogacademy.com/wp/diabetic-alert-dog-2/st-louis-missouri-kansas-city-columbia-memphis-nashville-indianapolis-detroit-des-moines-chicago-columbus-little-rock-arkansas-illinois-indiana-iowa-ohio-michigan-tennessee-migraine-alert-dog-training/

    They claim modern science has isolated the scent for various medical alerts, including migraines. Do you know anything about this, or know anyone who has used them? On one video, she said one dog learned to alert in as little as 3 weeks, though she stressed this was not typical, and every dog learns at a different rate.

    I also found some excellent service dog training videos by Donna Hill on youtube, for anyone looking to clicker train a service dog. She covers a multitude of tasks in a concise, easy to follow format.

    Anyway, I wondered if you or anyone had heard of this, and thought maybe it could help you and others on your journey :).

    • Hi,
      It certainly sounds like a migraine alert dog would benefit you! I love Donna’s You Tube Training videos and often scour the internet for training ideas!
      I honestly don’t know about the training program that claims to teach a dog to alert. I know an alert can be shaped into whatever you desire (a bark or a paw or a whine) but as for the actual ability to alert, I have always been under the impression that dogs must be born with the trait…but perhaps modern science has made advancements that I haven’t heard of yet? That would be awesome if it were true!

      If you are interested in finding out more, you could ask some Facebook groups such as the Service Dogs for Invisible Disabilities or Service Dogs Uncensored, or Owner Trained Service Dogs. Lots of handlers, trainers and teams belong to those groups, and maybe they’ve heard of this group and can remark with more certainty upon it? In any case, I’d recommend that you join those groups, as they are invaluable sources of knowledge regarding service dogs and medical alert dogs in general.

      Let me know if I can be of any help!

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